Clean Space, Clear Mind

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The ultimate cleaning versatility.

Making Messes Disappear Since 1979

Life is messy which is why we introduced the dustbuster® hand vacuum in 1979. Over forty years later, there’s a dustbuster for everything life throws at you from pet hair to liquid spills for a Clean Space, Clear Mind.

The Difference Extreme

What's great about the cordless POWERSERIES Extreme is it's so simple to use. It also sails through all surfaces from tiles, to carpet and everything in between without having to make any adjustments, empowering you to complete a multitude of tidying tasks easily for a Clean Space, Clear Mind.


Tap Water + Steam-Mop = 99.99% Germ Free

Spills, drips, splashes, drops, and sticky stains are all a natural occurrence in a busy household. From oven tops, microwaves, bathrooms, and more, our Steam range can take on any surface imaginable killing 99.9% of germs by just using water. Leaving you with a Clear Space, Clear Mind.